>Ancient jar handle found in Jerusalem

>As reported today by the Associated Press, Archaeologists digging on Jerusalem’s Mount of Olives have discovered a nearly 3,000-year-old jar handle bearing ancient Hebrew script, a find significantly older than most inscribed artifacts unearthed in the ancient city. The Iron Age handle is inscribed with the Hebrew name Menachem, which was the name of an Israelite king and is still common among Jews. The name and similar variants have been found on Egyptian pottery dating back 3,500 years, and the Bible lists Menachem Ben Gadi as an ancient king of Israel. Based on the style of the inscription, the handle was dated to around 900 B.C., the time of the first Jewish Temple in Jerusalem as recounted in the Bible.

I continue to be amazed at how the authenticity of the scripture is validated over and over again by archeaologists through the simple process of discovery, while at the same time, there are so many professionals in both the scientific and anthropological communitities that work so very hard to prove that the Bible is invalid.

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