The Value of Wisdom, Experience & Maturity.

I hope that everyone had a great holiday with their families and that they are entering the new year with a renewed sense of hope and enthusiasm.

As we see the trend in Organizational Restructuring continue, it saddens me to see the wealth of experience, wisdom and maturity that is being culled from the workplace. This is not to say that the restructuring is not necessary or, in some cases, vital for the survival of the organization. More often than not, it’s the result of years of not monitoring expenses during prosperity and allowing layers of bureaucracy and administration to build to the point that the organization is not as responsive as the marketplace or the consumer requires.

The troublesome part of this process of streamlining the organization are the methods chosen to do so. Too often, little thought is given to the effect the process will have on the members of the marketplace, the community, the employees that are removed, the employees that remain, and the long-term effects such a process will have on the culture of the organization. For the most part, it becomes a knee-jerk reaction to declining revenue and profitability that is conducted almost overnight with a lack of empathy that is reflective of a lack of vision and consideration by the leadership of the company.

Truth Be Told, the least amount of consideration given is to the potential that is still available in long-term employees that could be tapped by assessing the level of wisdom, maturity, and most important, the desire for continued learning that is still there.

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