The Human Spirit!

I never cease to be amazed at the strength and potential of the human spirit!

I was invited to give a presentation today to a group that comes together for the purpose of providing support, encouragement and resources to marketplace professionals, who have been displaced in the recent wave of restructuring.

I don’t use the term “professionals” in an exclusive sense. Any of us that have had a position of responsibility in an organization for an extended period of years is, in my opinion, a professional. In fact, I wish more of us would embrace that mindset rather than thinking that a professional is just someone with specialized training that can only be attributed to a very few. This group of people were definitely professionals in every sense of the word and they came from all walks of life.

What overwhelmed me today was a conviction I felt in the room that derived from a group of people making a conscious choice to do everything they can to move forward as proactively as possible. Even more amazing was the fact that this group was doing so based upon a shared faith that their mutual experiences were purposed and part of a plan that held more promise than disappointment. As a believer, this resonated with me in a very unique yet familiar way.

Truth Be Told, the emotion of that conviction really overwhelmed me this morning to the degree that I had to compose myself before speaking. I was humbled and honored that I would be asked to share my perspectives with a group of people who have no idea how much they blessed my day and reinforced my own conviction to keep moving forward in faith regardless of the circumstances.