What About the "WHY!

If you’ve ever wondered about the importance and value of having a mission statement, either personally or professionally, then listen in on the conversations that take place at any networking or business gathering you care to attend.

I have a habit of circulating among people at any event, just listening to the discussions that take place. I do this for two reasons. First, I’m always looking for information that I can learn from. Second, I’m just plain curious about what makes people really tick. It occurred to me this past week at an event that I attended, that everyone was, for the most part, discussing “what they do” and “how they do it.” Literally no one was talking about “why.”

Why is this such an important discovery? Because consumers, for the most part, really don’t care too much about the “what” and the “how.” They just want their needs to be supported and fulfilled. Oh, they’ll have discussions with you out of normal curiosity about what you do and how, but they won’t really want to get into much of the detail because they don’t connect to it emotionally, especially if it’s something they have no common interest in.

But try having a discussion about “why” you do a particular anything, and watch what happens! The connection is immediate and of tremendous value. WHY? Because it appeals to the basic principle of why anyone does anything: there is a specific purpose to fulfill a specific desire.

This is a fundamental principle to understand, especially when defining the mission and vision of any initiative, and when designing a Marketing Plan that will differentiate an initiative from any other similar one in the marketplace.

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