The Journey is the Destination

The longer I live, the more I realize that every experience we have is preparation for the next one. There is no end game and there is no place where you stop learning, adapting, listening and responding to the litany of events that occurs not only to you, but around you every day.

I’m in Mumbai, India. I arrived here at 9:30 pm on August 9, and it’s now 5:30 am on August 10th. The time difference is approximately 11 hours ahead. “Hello” to everyone in yesterday.

This trip is in response to a business opportunity that presented itself twice over a period of about three weeks. I’m here because of the economic challenges in our country. I’m also here because I don’t want to be the guy sitting on the roof of his house as it floats down the Mississippi river in the Great Flood of whenever, telling the helicopter that came to rescue him to help someone else because God would take care of him. I think you get the rest of the story.

There’s not much to tell at this point other than that it was a very long plane ride with an hour and half layover in Frankfurt, Germany. We had to deplane there and go back through security again as if we were boarding for the first time. I discovered that a travel size shaving creme can had been punched through, and it had foamed out all over the rest of the toiletries in the zip lock bag. I managed to get it all cleaned up before re-boarding and was grateful that the bag held up.

Even though we arrived in the late evening, after an hour wait for baggage and an hour ride to the hotel, I was surprised to find that I could still sleep because I’d slept a pretty good portion on the plane. I read two books on the way over; “God’s Smuggler” and “Night of a Million Miracles.” I also watched the movie “Avatar.” Those of you, who know me more than most, know that I can draw parallels between just about anything. My mind was working overtime here. In both of the books and the movie, the theme of a higher authority and guiding presence that provides miracles when you not only expect it the least, but need it the most, is undeniable. I hope the same will be true during this journey. This is the first experience in my life, where I’m not guiding or directing anything. I’m just along for the ride and I can’t wait to see what work is being done in this oh so temporary life.

Till the next post, Safe Journeys!

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