Am I Really Listening?

The first and only time that I think I audibly heard the voice of the Holy Spirit was in November of 1999. I was in the 27th year of employment with the same company, participating in a planning meeting for the following year, where, for the first time in my career, I was having difficulty with what I was being asked to do.

Prior to that time, though I’ve always believed the Spirit resided in me, I’d never really embraced the idea that the Spirit really “talked” to me because prior to my travel through the Influencers’ Journey, I didn’t really know how to “listen.” As I’ve learned, it’s only through consistent time in scripture and prayer that one is able to listen and hear the voice of the Spirit.

As I noted at the close of the last post, this journey is one in which I had no part in either receiving or directing. Today was a long series of interviews with company executives and directors and more presentations than I can say grace over. Every single person I visited with was from a different orientation and culture that included no less than five (5) different countries and nationalities. Yet, they’ve all come together under one umbrella that chooses to brand itself through the valuing of its people first and it’s products and services second. How rare but how similar to my previous life, at least for the majority of my career.

There is so much to digest and process and it’s only been one day, but one thing that I am doing though is “listening” for that voice. I desperately want to hear it again for the second time in my life. I want to know that my steps are being directed only by a purpose not defined by myself or any other human being.

Truth be told, it’s a purpose defined by absolute trust and personal abandonment.

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