A Personal Operating Philosophy!

Over time, I’ve come to have certain basic beliefs about people in general. I don’t exclude myself from the discussion, as I believe we are all suspect given the situation. But for the most part, I’ve recognized that:

  1. People are inherently self-centered, self-seeking and, in general, willing workers.
  2. People need vision and a purpose that can transcend self, yet mutually co-exist with self interest.
  3. Everybody has opinions and better ideas on most subjects; but, when it comes to the doing, the crowd dwindles.
  4. Doing what was agreed is a currency that never loses value.
  5. Attitude and effort are as important as talent, believing that training can bridge just about any talent gap.
  6. People with perpetually bad attitudes should be removed.
  7. As far as practical, oversight should be by the individual rather than by the group.

There are as many management theories in the academic community as there are academics, but by and large, I’ve found this simple, relevant, compelling philosophy to be about as effective and comprehensive as it gets.  

Truth Be Told, if you’ve read anything about the individual pictured above, you’ll find a very similar philosophy.  Not bad company for any of us to share, huh!