Integrating Faith and Work!

This, I think, is the most challenging task for those of us in the marketplace, regardless of where you reside – non-exempt (hourly), exempt (middle to upper management), or executive level (the top of the pecking order). It can be even more challenging for those of us, who are stronger than average believers and really desire our faith to determine our life’s work more than what we actually do to earn income and make a living.

There are 5 questions that I’ve found myself asking on a regular basis to determine if I’m doing the best I can to allow my faith and my work to co-exist in a way that is mutually beneficial for all involved.

  1. Am I willing to subordinate my needs to the degree necessary for my faith and my work to co-exist?
  2. Do I model a Christ-like life in a way consistent enough that I’m viewed differently from others?
  3. Do I view every interaction in my life as an opportunity to be available to others, regardless of their inconsistency?
  4. Am I examining myself daily to determine where I’m being inconsistent?
  5. Am I surrounding myself with resources that encourage me in my consistency daily?

There are none of us at any level that are perfectly consistent and therein lies the most difficult challenge of all. Our basic all too fallible human DNA insures that perfect consistency is simply impossible.

Truth be told, the challenge, as always, is in our efforts to do so.

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