Welcome to my new Blog location! I want to thank everyone that’s been following the blog, especially since the last post. I’ve always felt that it breeds complacency if you’re not taking a detailed look at yourself and everything you’re doing at least once a year to determine how the marketplace has changed and how you need to adjust where it makes sense. You’ll see some significant changes to the website as I shift more towards initiatives and activity that support my three core values, which are to be “simple, relevant and compelling.”“ I’ll be playing in a lot of sandboxes, including but not limited to Entrepreneurship, Publishing, Pull Marketing, On-Line B2B, Nonprofit Development, Writing, and Public Speaking.

It’s been an interesting journey the last couple of years and I have much to share as I finish one race and begin the next, which is really what a journey is all about. Significantly, I feel I have so much more to offer the marketplace now than I ever did during what our society has always labeled “your most productive and profitable” stage of life. Those of you that have been “reorganized out of the marketplace” in the last few years and have struggled finding your place understand this well.

Thank you again for following and until the next post, Safe Journeys!


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