Can You Believe It?

Isn’t it interesting that some things are required to be the way they’ve always been?

It used to be that music was listened to on a plastic disc. Now you can plug it into your ear. It used to be that alcohol was illegal. Now you can get it at the grocery store. It used to be that the only place to stay overnight other than in your own home was in a hotel. Now you can stay in someone else’s home and not be arrested for breaking and entering.

I could list hundreds more examples, but the one of most interest to me that’s remained largely unchanged is that learning continues to be (for the most part) the result of top-down lectures and tests for compliance.

Can you believe that, when we have access to a technology that can deliver learning in a format that’s almost impossible to deliver in a book or a lecture alone?

Can you believe that hasn’t changed when people all over the world have access to a technology that helps them learn more deeply and expansively than ever before? That can transform their expectations, change their role and their contributions, not just where they live, but in the world?

Can you believe that hasn’t changed when we have access to a technology that lets us talk to someone on the other side of the world literally in real time?

I talk to an amazing individual intermittently from the Tobago Islands that has 1.5+ million followers on Google+. I was just an ordinary kid born and raised in a town of 300 people and became an executive with the largest company on the planet. What we’ve learned from each other has enriched our lives and equipped us to pass it on to others. What’s even more unbelievable is that neither one of us has a Masters or a Doctorate. Mercy!

Can you believe that we have access to a technology that can allow an individual or collective voice to be heard? Yet, we have a resistance to change that keeps people from exceeding their expectations by forcing them to adhere to ours.

Can you believe it?

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