The Power of the Placebo!

The data shows that more than 700,00 people had arthroscopic knee surgery in the US in 2016. By all accounts, It’s very expensive and very painful.

It turns out that ‘sham surgery’ works almost as well. In an extensive study of knee surgeries, it was found that more than half the time, patients would have had at least as good an outcome if they’d experienced fake surgery instead. Isn’t that worth a pause?

You have the same operating room, same gowns, same perception of pain with no actual surgery. More than half the patients would have gotten better, which is close to the number that got better from the real thing.

Even if this number is twice as high as you’re comfortable with, it tells us something significant about the power of suggestion, or the power of a placebo.

I know from personal experience with people I’ve coached or mentored over the years, that if I tell them enough times that they’re better than they think they are, they start believing it. If I tell them enough times that the only reason others try to make them feel less than what they really are is because they’re intimidated by their ability, they start believing it.

Truth Be Told, the next time someone says to you ‘It’s all in your head’, take that as encouragement, because you can actually do something about that.

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