What’s Your Narrative?

The times today are difficult. Facing rejection through loss of a job or the many other personal and professional obstacles that come our way are all caused by changes that force us to explore the unknown.

Many of us need a narrative to motivate forward motion; something to keep us insisting on better results and doing work that really matters. The motivation we choose determines how we’ll spend our time, our days and our future.

Here’s the kicker! Most of us will spend far more time marinating in deciding what to do than actually making a breakthrough. Here’s a list of narratives that anyone can choose from. The operative word here is ‘choose’. Some of these choices provide positive forward motion; some provide the opportunity to remain in place, or to regress and withdraw. Your choice depends completely upon your mindset.

You can choose one of these narratives:

  1. Do a certain work or you’ll be perceived a loser.
  2. Panic because the world as you know it will end today.
  3. Keep looking over your shoulder because the competition is gaining on you.
  4. Comply or else.
  5. Stay dissatisfied because things are never good enough.
  6. Pay the writer instead of writing it yourself.
  7. Give into the peer pressure and do what someone else expects of you.
  8. Avenge the loss because your anger won’t let you move past the past.
  9. Be unhappy because the only glimmer of hope comes from the next win, and winning is the only thing that matters.

…. or, you can choose one of these:

  1. If you can see it, feel it and taste it, what are you waiting for?
  2. Connect with others because you will be accepted and supported.
  3. Respond to your creative spirit because it has a voice that wants to be heard.
  4. Build something because you’re convicted there’s a problem to be solved.
  5. Desire significance because you’re convicted there’s something better on the other side.
  6. Serve others because there’s a contribution to be made.
  7. Consider all the possibilities, because wouldn’t it be neat if just one of them really worked.
  8. Be professional because you’re convicted that you are.
  9. Be selective because you want to win this time; for good.

Beware! What’s consistent here is that they all work. Some of them will leave you immobile; however, some will create an environment of possibility and pure joy.

Truth Be Told, we all have a choice.

What’s going to be you’re narrative?

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