You Can Either Create or Absorb.

A fundamental law of physics is that energy is either created or destroyed. In organizational dynamics and cultures, people either create energy or absorb it. In short, you’re either the person who creates the energy, or the one who absorbs it. You might be the aggressive one, who creates energy by finding, amplifying and supporting the work of others and asking ‘What if?’ or saying ‘I’ll do it.’ You might be the passive one, who absorbs energy by eating the bagels and donuts at all the meetings, but actually not doing much in the way of creating any energy at all. If you’re that kind of person (negativist, naysayer or similar), you can find any one of a multitude of acceptable (at least to you) explanations, excuses or reasons why you merely absorb energy; not just that of a few, but that of everyone around you. Or….. You can choose to be the Leader. You can choose to be the one who continually creates more than you absorb, by investing into everyone a never-ending flow of creative and innovative energy.

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