When Will We Acknowledge the RC Factor?

When will we acknowledge our Resistance to Change? Not if, but when.

We’ve given up on carrier pigeons, typewriters and fax machines, although I still see a few of those sitting around from time to time. Spreadsheets and data-sets have changed not only our accounting process, but much of our decision making process, as well. There aren’t many sector’s left that don’t use radio or television as their primary brand-building tool and contemporary offices haven’t been heated with coal for a long, long time.

So, when will we abandon the employee review system we’ve had since the earth cooled? When will we abandon the culture of having meetings, the majority of which are unnecessary and serve only to soothe the insecurities of the quasi-leaders demanding them. When will we abandon the expensive, boring and not particularly effective training programs that HR has been using since the days of Morse Code? Not if, but when.

Truth Be Told, putting it in the plan and putting a date on it might force the inevitable transition.

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