You Are What You Think.

There are two things that you should never allow to happen.

The first is to let someone else make you feel you’re worse than you actually are. For every person that tries to make you feel that way, you can count on the fact that they’re intimidated by how good you are.

The second is don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’re the greatest there ever was at anything. You’ll eventually discover that you’re not nearly as good as you thought you were. There’s always someone better out there right now or there soon will be.

We beat ourselves up a lot because we focus too much on what others think about us than on what we think about ourselves. In the process, we avoid our blind spots and double down on where we feel the most comfortable. That’s why most of us are not good at self-examination and personal reflection.

The one constant, however, that you can always count on is that you are better than you think you are.

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