To the Best of Us All

On this Memorial Day, I honor my Father, John Mack Carpenter and my two Uncles, Boyd Martin Carpenter and Hayden Carpenter. They all served in the occupational force in Germany after World War II. I always wanted to follow in their footsteps and I tried to get drafted, but being the only son and the oldest in a family of 6, I wasn’t allowed to do so.

It has always pained me tremendously to see how cavalier and disrespectful some in ensuing generations have become towards the men and women serving in the Armed Forces. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that if War comes our way again (which is entirely possible), they would scream for someone to defend them.

Even more painful is watching what I can only describe as a desecration of not only our country’s flag, but the memory of all of those who died to defend the freedoms we all so much enjoy, but at the same time take for granted.

During my life and my career, I’ve had the opportunity to travel over much of this world, whether it be for work, for mission work or for time away. It never ceases to amaze me how much freedom we have in this country compared to the rest of the world. I’ve said often that if you’re going to be poor, be glad you’re poor in the United States because you’ll always have a way out. In most of the rest of the world, especially third world countries, that is not the case.

So, on this Memorial Day, I honor those who serve, who have served and those who die and have died, to defend the very freedoms we all enjoy.

I also pray daily for our country. I pray that we, as citizens of this great nation, come to our senses and realize how very fortunate we are, not only to honor those who serve, but to also honor the God, who made us all.

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