Leaders Beware: Logic Doesn’t Always Work.

If you see yourself as a person of logic, then it’s entirely possible that you work to make rational decisions, which are decisions that automatically lead to the outcomes you want. You might even believe that you do this all the time and that others do it too.

However, the data indicates that almost every choice we make is subconscious. Why? Because (for the most part) we’re creatures of habit. We’re swayed by subconscious forces that are almost always greater than our need for logic.

We prioritize the urgent and most of the decisions we make are really habits combined with a deep desire to go along with the people we identify with.

Every time we assume that others will be swayed by our logical argument, we’ve most likely made a significant error in judgment. We’ve assumed that our actions and the groups we identify with won’t shout out the words we use to make our argument.

The data says they will.

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