Heads Up Leaders: Are You a Transaction or a Relationship?

We’re all servants! We either serve someone or we lead someone. We’re never one or the other exclusively because we all want something from the relationship.

Too often, the assumption is that we’re all focused on one thing: either saving money or making it. But what if there’s more to it than the money?

What if we all (regardless of servant or Leader) want a myriad of other things like something better, something unique, flexibility, a sense of urgency or just special attention of some kind, especially if we feel we’ve earned it.

Too often, the relational value of every interaction is lost in the moment because it takes a back seat to what becomes the higher priority over time, which is mostly saving money or making it. The bigger question here (especially for the Leader) is ‘What if the only thing that any participant wants from the transaction is a sense of fair play or just to be heard?’

Money is the last refuge for the Leader unwilling to care enough to dig a bit deeper into each and every transaction and get to the relational.

Truth Be Told, when a Leader does that, they eventually realize that the money is a pleasant byproduct of the relationship.

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