We Just Need Clarity!

One clue that someone doesn’t understand the process is that they need a large number of variables and factors to explain it. Another is turning a complex process into something too simple, which is an even more common way of demonstrating resistance to or ignorance of how the process is really supposed to work. What we’re looking for is a balance between the two that provides some clarity of thought.

The sensibility of a process, or the ability to have that process hold water even if it’s a bit long can provide that needed clarity. A useful process is one that can be tested, expanded and can provide accurate predictions. A lazy one just makes us feel better until we actually have to engage in a mutually beneficial way.

It’s also entirely possible that we’re trying to work with a complicated process; one that can’t be boiled down to a simple catch phrase. That’s okay because clarity’s still possible, if we’re committed to the process.

Truth Be Told, if we’re only committed to working with one process that’s simple enough to be explained in sixty seconds, we’ve opted out of making the impact we’ve capable of.

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