Where Do You Spend Your Time?

There are three ways to add value:

  1. Tasks, which is all about doing something.
  2. Decisions, which is all about choosing something.
  3. Initiation, which is all about starting something.

It’s helpful to know that one of these three is consistently more prized than the other.

Tasks are set up for everyone and they’re incoming all the time. For the most part, we use skill and effort to eliminate them one at a time and keep moving on to the next one. Most of us spend our time here.

Decisions ( at times) overlap with tasks. There are always alternatives, and we use wisdom, knowledge, maturity and judgment to pick the best one. Some of us spend our time here.

Initiation is what happens when we start something out of nothing, break a pattern, launch a new idea, or take a big leap forward. Very few of us spend our time here.

When we think about those who make change happen, or cultural shifts that really matter, we must begin with initiation. Where did you spend your time adding value yesterday?

Just as or more important is where will you spend it tomorrow?

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