Just Look It Up!

Of course, for millions of years before people could even talk, they couldn’t just look it up because there was nothing to look up. There was no reading or writing and all you knew was what you knew, along with what you could watch someone else do and then copy what you observed.

With writing came notes, records and books and with training and effort, there were things that you could look up. All of a sudden, knowledge began to compile and there were millions of books and card catalogs. But looking up most things was time consuming and too often coming up empty in the process.

As recently as twenty years ago, the only way to find something in a book was via an index, which certainly gave hints, but it lived only in the book itself. The current era of on-demand, widespread looking things up offers a whole new level of insight for those that care enough to take advantage of it. Unfortunately, most people don’t.

Most organizations, most leaders, most scientists, most doctors; in fact most professionals hesitate to look it up. Why? Because we’re not sure exactly what to look up, not sure of what we don’t know, not sure of what might be out there.

It still takes talent and time to find the right thing in the right place at the right time. The next frontier is already starting to happen. The system looks it up before we even realize it needs looking up. The system knows that these test results combined with that medical history is worth a deeper look. The system knows that this house was recently sold for a fraction of what’s being asked. All of us are smarter than any of us, and when you throw in the us that came before, the opportunities multiply.

But you know what has to come first? We need to care enough to want to know.

Truth Be Told, we call that Leadership!

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