What’s Your DNA?

Their first rule is to follow the rules.

It’s always been that way! That’s the DNA of obedient organizations, of which there are many. They follow the rules and the system, not because they’re up-to-date, effective or even right, but because that’s what makes them who they are. Obedience is required, prized and it does have it’s rewards. It ensures a reliable simplicity that gives the illusion of unity and the perception of strength.

So, what’s the alternative? Maybe it’s an organization based on inquiry, where it’s still required to do what’s right, but also to ask useful questions. It’s a flexible organization that’s more likely to create and deal with change over time. It has more effective meetings because those useful questions are not only being asked, they’re required to be asked.

Obedient organizations may or may not get better when they find more obedient team members and require them to follow the rules and work within the system.

Truth Be Told, organizations based on inquiry get better when they ask better questions, and when they create a culture based not only on what’s right, but on what’s better.

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