If You Want to Bring About Change, Find a Cohort!

There are two typical approaches to change.

  1. The first is to try and change just one person at a time, which is the safest approach. Why? Because if you fail, no one will notice.
  2. The second is to try and change everyone, which is futile because there really isn’t an ‘everyone’ any more. Why? Because there’s too much noise and certainly entirely too many narratives. In fact, if your approach is to try and change everyone, all you’ve really done is given up.

In my experience, I’ve found that a third alternative is where change comes about. It’s in finding a cohort of people who want to change together. It’s in organizing, teaching and leading them towards the change you want to bring about.

Oh, by the way, it has to be a change they’ve bought into because it aligns with their personal core values and beliefs.

In fact, a cohort is just that: a group that has a number of personal, statistical and empirical factors in common. When a group like this is in sync, the change is reinforcing. In other words, when people see how your message of change resonates with everyone in their circle of influence, they’re more likely to not only completely buy in, but to become agents of change themselves.

Truth Be Told, if you want to bring about change, begin by changing culture because that’s what making change really is. Begin by organizing a tightly knit group. Begin by getting people in sync. Begin by finding a cohort you can do battle with!

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