No One’s Exempt!

Every day, someone gets caught cheating, lying, violating a trust or otherwise violating our culture in order to get an advantage or just simply to win.

Instead of holding the offender accountable because it’s a cultural imperative, supporters now rush to their defense because the violation assisted them in getting an advantage, as well. Worse, the leader allows the offender to go unpunished for fear of backlash.

Even worse, we’re seeing more leaders than followers become the violators and therefore, less subject to being held accountable. Clearly, nothing works in any initiative if even one person, follower or leader, violates with abandon and is allowed to do so. Disciplining the violator is in the best interest of everyone. More importantly, the need to hold accountability should be greater for the leaders we follow.

Being a leader doesn’t give one a license to violate the culture. Leaders are subject to the cultural imperative of accountability, as well. The bravest thing followers can do is to hold their leaders to the higher standard the leader committed to in the first place, which is much easier said than done. Why? Because part of the leader/follower dynamic is that our leaders are very often an expression of ourselves.

Truth Be Told, this is precisely why no one should be exempt!

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