Merit Profile™

A consortium: An association of two or more individuals or organizations with the objective of participating in a common activity or pooling their resources for achieving a common goal.

As noted, Mr. Carpenter is one of three individuals in the State certified to administer the Merit Profile™, and he’s the only one certified as a Hybrid Professional, which is a Facilitator, Coach & Consultant.

The Merit Profile Survey™ is a unique assessment tool that measures two important components of human performance, which are (1) behavior and (2) character. It was developed to meet the need for an instrument that not only measures both behavior and character, but provides metrics for creating customized performance indexes for individuals and teams at the Executive, Managerial and Front Line levels of an organization.

The MERIT PROFILE™ and MERIT Performance Index™ set a standard unique to most other known measurement applications. The demand for high quality candidates with competencies in both character and job performance are at a premium. This measurement tool can enhance the Personal Leadership Effectiveness (PLE™) of multi-level individuals in the organization and ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of the organization on a continuum.